WeChat mini site and KOL brief Introduction

So much to learn from the rise of WeChat in China
September 27, 2017

WeChat mini site and KOL brief Introduction

ADCESS offer a new marketing tool, WeChat mini site, a new way to help you to hit the Chinese market.  Marketing via WeChat mini site allows you promote your new service and product to your consumers by multi-directional ways such as promotion article, voice message, Image (poster/ flyer) and video.

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ADCESS not only establish a WeChat mini site for you but also help to build a link between you and your consumers.

The mini site will achieve the one-stop online transaction and service from customer browse→order→payment and payment receive.

Besides creating your own WeChat mini site, ADCESS can also help you to create a perspective promotion article based on the particular event or new product release. And post it to your target consumer group via Key Opinion Leaders (KOL).

KOL are terrific ways to advertise because they are a trusted source of knowledge and advice for their followers. Advertising from KOL can be completely disguised as a product review, or include discounts to incentivize conversion.

Feel free to get in touch with us to find out how ADCESS can help your company.