Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) have been being used by many brands and marketers to influence the consumer purchase decision and achieved great outcomes by engaging with them. KOL marketing is now considered as a much more affordable and effective way to communicate with Chinese consumers.

In order to assist you to achieve the marketing goals, we work with brands through following steps:

  • identifying the right KOLs for your brands
  • Understanding the audiences and communities of KOLs
  • Defining budget for engaging with KOLs
  • Content strategy and promotion date confirmation
  • KOL Content Development
  • Campaign go live and performance analysis
  • KOL relationship maintenance

Why Choose ADCESS

  • We have access to 500,000 WeChat KOL database in wide range of industries in both Australia and China region
  • Advanced KOL analysis and matching techniques
  • Creative content strategy and professional copywriting
  • advanced data tracking solution

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