Our WeChat KOL Database

5000+ Mass influencers
80000+ Potential influencers
98% Media coverage

WeChat KOL Ad Format

  1. Recommended KOL account
  2. Creative post title
  3. Your preferred posting date
  4. Image, GIF and video
  5. Professional advertorial content
  6. Landing page URL
  7. Number of post view


On the low end, you might find some advertisers willing to put up a banner for as low as $100.
On the high end, there is no real upper limit, with large KOL regularly charging as much as $50,000 for one push message.

WeChat Moment Ad Format

  1. Brand name and profile picture
  2. Up to 40 character ad description
  3. Link to a html5 webpage that's hosted on Tencent's server
  4. Up to 6 pictures or 6-15 seconds short videos

For Australia advertisers, the minimum media spend is AUD $10K for each campaign. Only national wide targeting is available.


Target Location

Text & Pictures Ads CPM

Video Ads CPM

Australia Wide

150 RMB

180 RMB

Tier 1 City - China

150 RMB

180 RMB

Tier 2 City - China

100 RMB

120 RMB

Others - China

50 RMB

60 RMB