WeChat is unrivalled in China’s online space

So much to learn from the rise of WeChat in China
September 27, 2017

WeChat is unrivalled in China’s online space

Everything you need to know about WeChat official accounts

What is WeChat?

WeChat is a free, cross-platform and instant messaging application developed by Tencent. Since it’s first released in Jan 2011, now it becomes the most important app in China.

“WeChat’s reach and influence are unrivalled in China’s online space,” said research firm China Skinny.

WeChat contains different features, which allows WeChat users to do almost everything.

On WeChat, users can send and receive money, read news, post to social networks, book a cab, buy things, order food, pay bills, check in for flights, and even make an appointment with a doctor. And more! WeChat is almost a “companion app” for people’s everyday lives.

For brands who want to use a WeChat official account as a marketing tool, they have two options: a subscription account or a service account.


A service account allows for branding, and the latter more focus on customer service and e-commerce.

Why marketing in China in becoming a trend?

According to the data provided by PHYS ORG 2017, it shows that online population in China already reach the world’s highest (around 731 million in December 2016). E-commerce is now driving consumer demand across the Asian giant.

“E-commerce has become a focal point of domestic consumption in China. With China’s online retail figures set to overtake the United State’s, it will grow even further in the coming years. This is one of the main reasons why the overseas enterprise should expand their business into the Chinese market. China as an emerging market for online shopping offers numerous platforms for E-commerce and provides convenience Logistics to attract consumers’ interests in different industries,” says Internships China CEO, Bastien Dumont.

Adcess understands how hard it is to promote a business into the international market for Australian companies. Setting up a Pay Per Click search campaign is always the most effective way to start with. There are more than 5 billion search queries requested on Baidu by Chinese online users per day. Our professional Baidu PPC specialists can help you to unlock this incredible opportunity in China. Find more information by consulting with our experts today.

Understand Chinese consumer and their shopping behavior

During the past few decades, the number of the upper-middle class household ($24,000 to $46,000 in annual disposable income) increase rapidly. China’s consumer economy has been powered by the ascent of hundreds of millions of people from poverty to an emerging middle class. But most of the upper-middle class is age above 35 who has lived through periods of instability and has experienced challenging economic circumstances. They are known to be frugal.

But the young generation (people born in the 1980s, 1990s) in China spends more than their elders. According to the recent BCG global consumer survey that Chinese age between 18 to 25 tends to be more sophisticated consumer those older than 35. Because of the one child policy (China implemented since 1979), the young generation is often at the center of attention in their families and their parents want to give them the best and are eager to satisfy their every wish. This makes them becomes more brand conscious than older Chinese and Australia consumers of the same age.

Chinese consumer’s online shopping behavior

Research done by world economic forum shows that Chinese online consumers tend to purchase on a more global basis. Cross-border purchases are projected to account for 15 percent of total E-commerce in China by 2020. Nowadays smartphones are becoming essential in our daily life; it allows consumers shop online whenever and wherever they wish. E-commerce on mobile will transform the marketplace in China. A BCG study found out that Chinese consumers would like to make contact with the product before they decide to make a purchase. A seamless experience across retail channels and social media promotion will help to drive Chinese consumers from shopping cart directly to check out.

Chinese people are easier to be influenced by word of mouth compared to Australians. WeChat users may not make a purchase directly within WeChat, however, WeChat has become the most important tool for impacting people’s decision. Have a WeChat official account will give your enterprise more credibility compare to the one who hasn’t.

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