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June 28, 2017
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How to approach Weibo marketing in China

What is Sina Weibo?

Weibo is one of the biggest social media platform in China and the most popular micro-blogging services in Chinese web. “Weibo” literally means “microblog” and it was launched in 2009.Although Weibo is considered as the “Twitter of China”, its platform functions are more versatile than Twitter. Users can create content with 140-character limitation each time and videos, images and gifs can be posted as well. Besides, Weibo provides an unprecedented and simple way for people and organizations to publicly express themselves in real time, and interact with others.

According to the Social Media Trend 2017 reported by a social media agency TOTEM,for brands who are trying to build brand awareness, Weibo will be more effective than WeChat.” Individuals and charities use Weibo to make the world a better place by launching charitable projects, seeking donations and volunteers and leveraging the celebrities and organizations on Weibo to amplify their social influence, reported by Weibo’s Business Overview.

Large amount of active users

By February 23rd 2017, Weibo has 313 million MAU (Monthly Active Users) and most of the active users are young people between the age of 18 and 35 years. Alibaba is the giant of Chinese e-commerce and it invested in Sina Weibo in 2013.

According to the report from Sina Weibo 2016, from the first quarter of 2013 to 2016, the number of DAU (Daily Active Users) increased steadily whilst the number of MAU (Monthly Active Users) has a significant raise during those three years, from around 112.5 million to 275 million. In 2017, people who were born after the 80s (from 27 to 37 years old) already become independent in the economy and become the main power of the social development. According to the latest Nielsen report, the 80s group has become the main force of consumption and the report also shows that young consumers prefer online shopping.


To target customers, companies can invite users to participate in their promotion activities to enhance the popularity of topics and expand brand influence. In addition, user’s comments and feedback can be collected by questionnaire. Companies can check more information of the users who participate in the vote. In terms of large amount of active users in Weibo, the feedback that collected from the users can be more reliable and efficient.

A wide range of user experience

Except for the basic function that mentioned before, in recent years, Weibo has added new features to keep up with changing market interest.

Based on the recent research of Social Media Trends 2017, Weibo adapt quickly to mobile-first, add more video content, align with news organizations and create more interest-based streams of information. Take video content and live streaming, for example, this new function helps Weibo hit 24% marketing revenue with $655.8 million in 2016.

How going social helped the brand win the market

Durex is the brand of a range of condoms that were made by United King-based SSL International and entered the Chinese market in 2007.

As an iconic brand with heritage, Durex already held a 30 percent market share in China around 2010 despite the fact that the market is still small (equals only 1 in 10 sexually active Chinese used condoms). It turns out that the strategy Durex used to use worldwide might not be suitable in China. In order to boost the sale and enhance brand awareness Durex adopt Weibo as a tool to break through into the China market by targeting KOL (Key opinion leader with large followers) in China’s blogosphere.

For example, Durex team members noticed that a blogger with 300,000 followers and who posted on average 10 times a day had mentioned that he’d had a fight with his girlfriend. Durex sent him flowers and a box of Durex condoms, a photo of which the blogger posted proudly on his Weibo account. The post was shared widely among his followers. This crowd-driven effort paid off, as Durex became the brand of choice for affluent Chinese consumers. The company was able to charge $5 for a dozen low-end condoms and up to $30 for its most popular varieties.

What is the secret behind Durex Weibo marketing success?

-Share information that is related to hot topics

When iPhone 6 has been released, Durex shared tips on how to soak feet correctly, associating with hot topic “A Chinese guy is selling his kidney for money so that he could afford to buy iPhone for his girlfriend.”

-Getting creative and connecting Chinese consumers

Durex focuses on developing and delivering creative content to keep their audience engaged. With high-quality creative content, Brands can grow their customer base and increase the ROI of their marketing programs.

Now Durex has a Weibo page with more than one million followers, its rich forms of content, frequently update blog and interaction with fans attracts a lot of reposts and comments. A survey shows that by leveraging Chinese social media platforms and investing in offline and online distribution, Durex condom sales increased threefold in China and market share increased by over 10%.

The above image is the Enterprise Page of Durex

Start an effective Weibo marketing campaign for your brand

Many international companies have been successful implementing Weibo marketing campaigns for Chinese-speaking audiences. In ADCESS, we can help Australian brands set up, manage and advertise Weibo accounts. With our hands on skills and experience for Weibo marketing, we will help you to build up follower base quickly and turn them into sales.

Weibo enables organizations to customize their Weibo pages to perform marketing events, promotion activities, and ad campaigns. In this case, Durex used the Enterprise Page function effectively and establish their brand awareness successfully.

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